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TPBS currently has a two product focus relating to Document and Print Management. It has, in conjunction with its project partner, worked dilligently to establish traction within an ACT Government Agency for the past 3 years with Print Audit 6. Strategically; it is a crucial project for us and while we have established product credentials, its acceptance remains ellusive. We have been met at every juncture by a formidable opposition with greater reserves backed by an excellent track record of service to this agency over some 10 years. We realise it is not common to acknowledge a "Force majeure" in contemporary marketing but they deserve the salute. However, our concept seed is planted, we are still in this game and we will return from time to time, to further the germination.


TPBS  is concentrating on a "Back to Basics" approach offering clients traditional marketing services in-keeping with our "Old School" ethics. We are a micro-business and what we lack in size we compensate through experience. Our principal has serviced the region since 1987 and has successfully established and developed enterprises in situ. It is often true that success is not based on what you know but, who you know. It is sometimes important to know who does what, best, and we do.


You may be interested in the range of affordable business services on offer through the TP and we look forward to being of service.More service options are being reviewed and we will feature new offers as they are established.